May 28, 2024

Your dog is afraid of fireworks and firecrackers? This is what you SHOULD NOT do

The turn of December and January is a traumatic time for most pets. Especially dogs are very sensitive to the bang of firecrackers and flashes of fireworks, which in even the inherently brave pet causes great stress. So every year during Christmas and New Year’s Eve comes back the topic of how to help dogs survive the boom of the new year. You will also find such tips on our portal. But this time we will remind you, What you definitely should not do to relieve the dog.


Comforting a dog that is terrified by the bang of firecrackers and fireworks is a bad idea. Although you will certainly be tempted to take your pet on your lap, hug him and assure him that everything is alright, try to fight it. Dogs calculate in a zero-one way and assume that since Mr or Mrs shows them so much love, it is obviously worth to be afraid. Thus the trauma will be even deeper and may become a dog habit, activating not only during New Year’s Eve.

Locking him in the bathroom all night

This is a very popular method, but one that we do not recommend. Yes, at the peak of the fireworks storm, i.e. at midnight, it is worth separating your dog from the source of the noise. The bathroom is perfect for this, because there is usually no window. But it can’t be so, that you close your dog for the whole night in the bathroom and e.g. you go partying to your neighbors. Loneliness and confusion will increase your pet’s stress.

Give pills to calm people down

The issue of tranquilizers is very controversial among dog behaviorists. It is a fact, that if your dog is very timid and afraid not only of fireworks, but also of e.g. firecrackers, then it should be able to learn more. the sound of passing garbage trucks, then pharmacology may be the only effective solution. Remember, however, that you cannot make the decision to give your dog a drug on your own. You need to consult your vet.


We also point out that pharmacology can cause unwanted side effects, e.g. vomiting, insomnia or lack of appetite.

Go for a walk without a leash

This applies to the entire Christmas and New Year period, as we know that in Poland, the ban on using fireworks outside of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is not respected. For your dog‘s safety, take him for walks on a leash only. On New Year’s Eve itself, plan one last walk so that you don’t have to go out with your pet during the upcoming cannonade.

If, on the other hand, your dog lives outside, it is necessary to check the tightness of the fence (a frightened animal is able to escape from the property even by jumping over the fence).