July 24, 2024

A night of joy that for your dog is a night of trauma

New Year’s Eve is the day (or night, really) when the whole world, far and wide, starts an orgy of fun. Fireworks and firecrackers are, of course, an integral part of the event. And although for many years animal rights activists have been appealing to limit this noisy custom, their arguments seem to fall on deaf ears. As a dog owner, you must be aware that while you are having fun and enjoying the fireworks in the sky, your pet is suffering. Is there any way to help him? You should!

A visit to the vet

Preparing your dog for the hardships of New Year’s Eve should begin a good few days before December 31st. Then we visit the vet with a request to thoroughly examine the animal. It may turn out that the animal has a weakened immune system or suffers from heart problems, which should immediately encourage the owner to separate the pet from the New Year’s Eve noise.

If your pet is fine, but you know he is very afraid of the bang, ask your vet to prescribe a mild sedative. Administering the pill before the fireworks ecstasy begins should allow your dog to fall asleep and get through the night comfortably.


Be sure to find a room in your apartment where the sound of explosions is least disturbing. This is usually in the bathroom. Get your dog used to being left there – It is a good idea to start exercising a few days before New Year’s Eve. The dog should have its own bed.

Another good way is to give him some belongings of the beloved owner – it can be for example. slipper or sweater. Your pet will be a little calmer if it smells like you.

Behave normally

Dog perfectly senses the excitement of owners, so if all day long will be excited about the upcoming New Year’s Eve, you unnecessarily increase the vigilance of the pet and arouse anxiety in him. Best to behave normally.

Someone has to stay with the dog!

It is unacceptable to leave a pet alone on New Year’s Eve. It is difficult to predict how a dog will react to noise and loneliness. If he will be scared to death and will not find support from the owner, in extreme case he can even become seriously ill (or even worse). If you already have an outing planned, be sure to find a dog sitter – preferably one that the animal knows and at least tolerates.

Put yourself in the dog’s shoes. New Year’s Eve has no special meaning for you because you have no sense of time. Every now and then, all you can hear are horrible gunshots, screams, loud music, flashes outside your window. The pet is really traumatized! So make sure he doesn’t have to endure an evening of joy that only humans can enjoy.