July 24, 2024

Pelvic collapse – dog accident

Once again it turned out that dogs do not stand a chance against cars. This patient came in with a hind limb injury a few hours after the accident. In generally good condition, but could not raise himself on hind legs. X-ray revealed a multifracture fracture of the pelvis. The problem turned out to be even bigger, because along with feces and urine there was blood.

The owners have made it clear that they want to rescue him using available methods. The procedure was performed the next day and could be described as successful.

As usual, the problem turned out to be controlling the dog. He was feeling better by the day and did not really understand the severity of the problem. Not only did he travel by dragging his plastered legs behind him, he also wanted to go down stairs. It took a lot of care and commitment to control him. Maintaining hygiene was nothing compared to keeping him in one room.

Had the cast changed 3 times for hygienic reasons. Fortunately, everything ended well. There was still rehabilitation left, because the muscles that were not working under the plaster were not able to take over their function again