May 28, 2024

Mopp’s coat color

Mop dogs come in two coat color varieties: beige and black.

Beige coat with a black mask indicates a beige moppy and the mask is a term „kiss" mops.

A moppy coat is beige, but can have different shades:

* a silver coat is a cold shade of silver
* apricot color is such a warm orange color – in the set of orange colors there are such color terms as: the apricot, peach, amber, brick-red, coral, burnt sienna
* fawn coat – this shade is probably difficult to perceive because for many people the image of this colour is completely different.

Shades of beige may fall into silver, peach, fawn. However, each color should be pure to emphasize the contrast between the coat color and the dorsal stripe and mask. The dorsal stripe consists of dark hair and it is a line running from the occiput to the tail. The black markings should be strongly defined and located in the mask, the ears, the papillae on the cheeks and the so called. diadem on the forehead also called „thumbprint".

A puppy gradually changes the color of its coat. He is born very dark and gets lighter with time. Then he changes the coat from puppy to youth and then to adult. So the color changes slightly.

The coat color of the black moppy should be a deep black.

Currently in the standard there is no word on how to treat the sometimes appearing white spot – the meaning on the chest. The old standard that we can read e.g. in older kynological books, among others in the book „Breed Dogs" L. SmyczyƄski tells us that „a small white spot on the chest is acceptable". Many judges just don’t pay attention to it because it is a trifle of the other details of the pattern.

Author: B. & S. Zawadzka kennel "Stellanova"