May 28, 2024

Poisoning of cats with flea preparation.

At approximately 5:40 a.m., our 24-hour emergency phone rang. On the phone, I heard the voice of one of our regular customers. In an exasperated voice she announced:
– I think I poisoned my cats!
– How? What they got?
– Flea remedy for dogs.
– Please!? What? What is his name??
– Duowin.
– Please come to the surgery immediately! I will be there soon too. Please hurry!

The 3 cats arrived in a deplorable condition: drooling, impaired coordination of movements, irises of the eyes unresponsive, anuria, skin hypersensitivity. Immediate life-saving management was instituted – anti-seizure drugs, diuretics and, due to agitation, psychotropic drugs to extinguish neurological symptoms.

Each of these 3 cats had a different condition. Blood test showed liver and kidney damage. By the evening of the same day, the cat with the slightest signs of poisoning was severely deteriorating, and cats initially in poor condition were improving by the minute. After a few days of treatment the cats started to recover. Interestingly, the cats in the worst condition recovered from the poisoning quickly and without any major problems, while the one with the latest deterioration still has urological problems to this day. The owners’ enthusiasm and diligence were an indispensable aid in the treatment of these poor animals.

The given flea product the owner got for her dogs. After applying it to her dogs, she found that it would protect her cats from fleas as well. She didn’t realize it would hurt them more than help.

Lack of knowledge about how drugs work, dosage, and the symptoms and dangers of their use is the most common cause of poisoning in animals. For example – we get a lot of dogs with hemorrhagic enteritis whose owners have given human pain medications. In order to relieve the suffering of their pets they make their condition even worse. Therefore, we encourage you to consult (even by phone) with your veterinarian before administering the medication. Surely it is much cheaper to call than to treat later.