April 24, 2024

Pedigree dogs and dogs for sale on the Internet

The Internet allows you to see many offers in a short time, so we can quickly „discern” in the situation – and see what happens on the market.

Breeders’ websites

Visiting breeders’ websites, we can initially assess the breeding, learn about its achievements, see photos of puppies. However, the website is not an exponent „quality” kennel, also does not guarantee the satisfaction of the purchase. As we have seen – visiting breeders’ sites – many very good breeders have poorly developed both graphic design and content of the site. The criterion for judging the quality of a kennel should not be its website. ( When evaluating the breeding you can take into account the articles: where to buy , what breeding). If you have the opportunity and the means you can visit the breeder even before deciding to buy, it will make it easier „evaluation” breeding.

Once you have chosen a breeder, if you have already decided to buy, it remains to establish payment terms and pick up the puppy. And here really begins the next stage of purchase – visiting the kennel and picking up the dog. We are definitely against sending dogs in any packages/shipment. A visit in a kennel will allow you to verify the opinion you’ve formed through a visit to the website or a phone conversation.( articles again: where to buy, which breeding).

Auction sites, with advertisements.

The purpose of various types of auctions – is first of all to present a product which is attractively priced. (Of course, this is just the message, as a lot of goods on auctions are more expensive than in traditional stores.) But whatever the product is, it is difficult to maintain high quality of the product by putting emphasis on low price.

Breeding a healthy purebred dog involves certain costs, moreover, the seller also wants to earn. Too low price suggests a dubious quality „product”. Personally assessing these costs I think that currently it is impossible to buy "good" puppy for 500zł. So let’s think when we see an offer: great price for a pedigree rottweiler 350zł – let’s think about what this price means.

Also, the very appearance of ads at auctions with offers for dogs arouses my reluctance, and looking for new markets in this way „sale” The seller’s emphasis on the low price may prove that … it is not a good breeder. We quote ourselves 😉

„We recommend kennels that are not focused on mass production and cold trade, but which carefully and with great heart raise their puppies”