April 24, 2024

Dog peeing in the house – Wet problem

After a tiring day, you come home and just want to rest. Our dog greets us happy, but right from the threshold we see that something is not right. Well, yes! Another wet spot on the carpet!
What to do about it? Scold your dog? Stick his nose in the puddle? Limit the amount of water in the bowl?
None of the above ideas are good and I strongly advise against using them.

First – Do not punish!

If you catch your dog peeing in the house, you absolutely should not punish him for it or chase him out of the place „crimes”. The dog won't understand that we're talking about peeing in the house. The only thing he will understand is to avoid having to pee in our presence. The peeing won't go away, it will just move to more secluded areas or the dog will wait to be left home alone.

Secondly – Reward your dog for peeing while walking

Remember to take a tasty treat with you on every walk. They are extremely helpful in learning to recall and in all other exercises with the dog. As soon as you notice that your dog is doing his business outside, say so „good dog” (or clicker if you are using a clicker for training) and give your dog a treat. This makes the dog very happy and, after a while, she will have a very positive association with peeing on a walk.

Third – Watch your dog

The causes of peeing vary. The simplest is too few walks. Puppies should go for a walk every 2-3 hours, plus after sleeping, playing and eating. For learning cleanliness, it is useful to have a cage in which the puppy stays while the owner is away and in which the dog rests. Puppies should be instilled by their mother to keep their sleeping area clean. The dog will not want to pee in the cage. However, remember to walk the dog immediately after letting it out of its cage. Dogs with delicate, sensitive psyches may pee to show submission, e.g. when greeting people. To solve the problem, it is enough to greet the dog in a less affectionate way or even to ignore him completely until he calms down.

Frequent peeing or prolonged peeing, drop by drop, may indicate a urinary tract infection. In this case, it is necessary to examine the urine and blood and give appropriate medication or even change the diet.

If it is the male's importance of walls or furniture, the likely cause is the dog's competition for home territory with another male (especially if we have several dogs in the house). It could also be a stress reaction caused by some change in the environment or a deterioration in the dog's health. In such cases, you should think about providing the dog with a greater dose of exercise, which will allow the dog to relieve the accumulated tension. It is also worth going to the vet to rule out a possible infection.

Hyperactive and very busy dogs, because of constant movement, speed up their metabolism and they may not last until the next walk. If your dog walks a lot at night or gets stressed when left home alone, it is best to limit the room he is in. If that doesn't help, you can use a cage. A cozy place to rest will quickly calm your dog and give him a sense of security.

In more difficult cases, I recommend to seek advice from specialists, both veterinarian and behaviorist.