June 22, 2024

A peeing problem in a dog

Our 7-month-old boxer Gapa has been doing her business on walks for some time now, i.e. e.g.,. during a 30 min walk she can pee 3 times but she doesn't get nervous or jump up after peeing. The vet we go to now says that since she doesn't pee after peeing that nothing is wrong, but for us it is worrying because so far she hasn't peed so much and now she happens to pee walking a few steps and then pee again.
But should we do a urine test in such a situation? And whether a simple examination is enough or maybe a culture right away??
I would also add that they do not pee in the house or demand to go out more often.

Urine testing is the best idea. First of all it is an inexpensive test 5-7 PLN depending on the laboratory. secondly, it will answer many questions, and thirdly, when you suspect a problem you do not do a culture, because you can not be sure that there is an excess of bacteria and it increases the cost of the test. Do a urine test and consult your veterinarian. Good luck..