June 22, 2024

You are planning long walks with your pet? Remember a comfortable leash

Long walks with your dog are one of the best things a pet owner can provide for their friend. What’s more, it’s not only healthy for the dog, but also for its owner, especially that nowadays many people complain about worse mood resulting from lack of physical activity.

  1. Why you should walk your dog?
  2. How to prepare for a walk?

So instead of buying your dog another toy or giving him an unhealthy snack next time, take him for a long walk and you will surely make him happy.

Why walk your dog?

Apart from the obvious argument of being able to relieve yourself, there are other reasons for taking long walks with your dog. Above all, dogs kept in houses or apartments have very limited movement. They cannot run – which dogs like very much! – or even just walk, because a small amount of space does not allow them to do so. This makes the standard three walks per day a big event for your pet. He can finally stretch his bones, meet other animals, run on the grass and play. For many dogs, just the chance to smell (and sometimes even nibble) the grass or find a stick to play with on their own is a great joy.

So it is hard to understand owners who first decide to take a dog in and then are not able to set aside those few minutes to give him some exercise. After all, people also benefit from walking, which is especially noticeable during a tiring day at work. After just a few minutes of walking together you can forget about your problems and relax, and above all, get some fresh air.

How to prepare for a walk?

Although you don’t need any accessories in order to go for a walk together, the vast majority of dogs are not obedient enough to be taken safely to more crowded places or where there are other pets. No wonder that a well-chosen leash and collar are the basic equipment of every responsible owner. The problem – especially for people who are just thinking about getting a dog – can be choosing the right leash. You can find both short and long models on sale. Then there’s the choice of material for the leash and collar. Most popular are leather, fabric and chain leashes.

The variety of prices doesn’t make things easier either, especially that some leashes for only a dozen or so zlotys don’t seem to differ from models that are several times more expensive. So it’s best to shop online, where all products have been divided into categories, making it easier to find the best leash. You will find both sturdy collars and leashes made of leather and those that look like tape. If, on the other hand, your dog is larger or belongs to a breed considered aggressive, you should consider buying a metal collar.

This way you won’t have to worry about your dog breaking away at the sight of another animal, which could lead to problematic situations. However, regardless of your choice, you should A leash for the dog because four-leggeds love walks. Although choosing a cheaper solution may be tempting because of the possibility of saving a few zlotys, you should remember that this is a purchase for many years, and often even for the whole life of your pet. Thus, it is better to choose a nice-to-touch and at the same time sturdy leash, so that you can use it for a long time. You can find many suggestions for such items in the above-mentioned pet store, which sells its products online.