May 28, 2024

SIBERIAN HUSKY – bathing and combing

Husky has thick, double-layered fur protecting it from adverse weather conditions (high and low temperatures, precipitation). Therefore, he can live both indoors and outdoors, in a kennel, without any problem. If it is not a show dog, a weekly or even less frequent combing will be enough. Only during moulting period dog needs to be combed more often because the thick mattress of dead hair can cause burns. However, to make the dog arouse interest and admiration not only of ourselves but also of the surroundings, we need to put more effort into the care of his coat.

Before each show a dog should be bathed, carefully dried so that the dog does not get scalded (with a hair dryer or brushing) and comb out dead hair. For dogs with strong color it is good to use shampoos intensifying color such as. Jean Pierre Hery. For light-coloured dogs (grey, amber) you can use shampoos designed for white dogs, which will remove all yellowing and discolouration. If you visit the dog shows a lot, a few times a month, you can reduce some of the baths in favor of dry shampoos that increase hair volume and remove dirt. Dry shampoo must be combed out carefully after application. The most suitable are brushes and combs, but not sharply pointed, because through the thick fur it is difficult to feel when we hit the skin, and then it is not difficult to get cuts or scratches.

Many huskies living in the countryside have very dense paws – where the hair does not rub against hard surfaces – to the point where the lint sticks out on the sides which spoils the appearance of the paw. Excess hair should be trimmed to give the foot a natural oval shape. Overgrown paws are less "cling" – the dog slips on smooth surfaces (parquet, PVC). When a dog sheds its coat, you can use vitamin preparations that speed up the rebuilding of new hair, e.g. Laveta Super. In general, the appearance of the coat depends on nutrition and conditions in which the dog lives, and also – genetics.

As you know, there are different types of huskies – some have thick fur that doesn’t hide their body shape, some are long-haired like collie and some have very little undercoat and are sometimes called shorthaired huskies. When it comes to bathing, not all dogs enjoy it. even those that go crazy at the sight of a river, puddle or lake, avoid the bathroom wide open. It is not uncommon for a dog to grasp every opportunity to leave a strange looking place, including climbing walls. In order for dogs to associate the bathtub with something pleasant, it is necessary to accustom them to this place gradually.

It is necessary to put an anti-slip mat on the bottom of a bathtub because husky’s dense hair on its paws will make its paws move in all directions. First – play in an empty bathtub, toys and treats, then pour water. We do not keep the dog by force, if it wants to go out – OK, let it go. It is better to take him out of the bath than to teach him to jump out – mainly for safety reasons, because an uncontrollable slip can have an unpleasant end