June 22, 2024

XIIIth Dear Dog Show in Podkowa Leśna

June 10, 2017.The High School No.60 in Podkowa Leśna organized XXIII Dear Dog Show. I have been given the opportunity to lead most of the exhibitions so far. Thus, I could observe the educational motive of this, by all means, successful game. This is a combination of a picnic, a social gathering, with the participation of various dogs. Intellectual qualities, knowledge, ethics, supported by sensitivity and activity for the common good – this is the message of the youth from the Podkowa High School with a squirrel in the logo.

The dog show was accompanied by shows, competitions, lectures. Proceeds, as well as collected donations, are destined for a shelter for homeless animals. High school students from ul. Squirrel does not forget about other animals. Posters remind of the need to care for m.in.over cats. Relationship to the surrounding world, nature, are important accents in upbringing. The teaching staff of the high school appreciates this, which is reflected in the exhibition of beloved dogs. For me, this is a nice problem to have, because how to judge dogs according to their feelings for humans? In previous years, on the diplomas of this show, there was a quote from George G. Vest: " The only completely selfless friend one can have in this self-interested world, one that will never leave, never be ungrateful or treacherous, is a dog. He will kiss the hand that cannot give him to eat, he will lick the wounds received in the clash with the brutality of the world. When all friends are gone, he remains".

I wrote once that the Dog Show in Podkowa is very popular and attracts more and more people every year. It is still so and I hope it will stay so.