May 28, 2024

Therapy dog and family friend. The role of a dog in the process of rehabilitation of a disabled child.

This publication has been made possible thanks to funding from the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled. It is free of charge and only available from the Friends Foundation. On the dogtherapeutic market, it is unique in both its content and form of communication. It is in black and white, with beautiful photos that have been awarded and many times honored in photo contests. In addition to the theoretical part concerning the activities with the participation of dogs, the book contains interviews with parents of sick children and with therapists and directors of special institutions, in which activities with dogs have been conducted for several years, as one of the forms of supporting children's development. Special attention is paid to MaƂgorzata Zawadka's conversations with mothers of sick children, who talk not only about working with a child and a child's first meeting with a therapy dog but also about life and care of a disabled child.

„So who is this item for? In fact, there is something for everyone. There is no need to convince those who are convinced, but I hope to give new ideas to those who have long been fascinated by the subject and to give them arguments to discuss with the unconvinced. It seems to me that skeptics will find here evidence and answers to many questions, and if any opponent will look into this book, I consider it half of the success and believe that this beautiful form of work with the child will defend itself and, if only you get to know it better, it will convince those unconvinced.”