June 22, 2024

Standard – 1999 – HOKKAIDO

Translation : Olga Jakubiel.
ORIGIN: Japan.
UTILITY: Hunting and companion dog.
CLASSIFICATION F.C.I.Group 5 Spitz and primitive dogs.
Section 5 Asiatic Spitzes and Related Breeds.
Without working trials.

HISTORY OF THE BREED: The breed is thought to have originated from medium-sized Japanese dogs that accompanied people migrating from Honsiu (the main island of Japan) to Hokkaido during the Kamakura period (1940s). 12th century), when trade was developing between Hokkaido and the Tohoku region. When in 1937. breed found to be « natural monument », it adopted the name of its place of origin. It was also known as « Ainu-ken », from the Ains – The breed was bred by the ancient inhabitants of Hokkaido to hunt bear and other game. Hokkaido conformation makes them adaptable to penetrating frost and heavy snowfall. They also exhibit good sense and great endurance.

OVERALL IMAGE: Medium sized dog, with well marked secondary sexual characteristics, harmonious, strong in build and of good bone. Muscles strong and shapely.

• The ratio of height at withers to length of body is 10:11.
• Ratio of skull to length of nasal dorsum is 3:2.
• Length of skull equal to width of cheeks; accounts for approx. ¼ Height at withers.

PERSONALITY/TEMPERAMENT : A dog of outstanding stamina, giving the impression of being dignified and simple-minded. Temperament – faithful, teachable, very alert and bold.

Skull and forehead: Broad and somewhat flat.
Foot: shallow but marked.
Nose: Black; fleshy acceptable in white dogs.
Muzzle: Wedge-shaped. Ridge of nose straight.
Lips: Close fitting, with black edges.
Jaws and Mandible and dentition: Strong; scissor bite.
Cheeks: Well developed.
Eyes : Relatively small, almost triangular, widely spaced, dark brown in color.
EARS: Small, triangular, slightly forward leaning and firmly erect.
NECK: Strong and muscular, without dewlap.

Withers: High.
Back : Straight and strong.
Loins: Moderately broad and muscular.
Croup: Properly sloping.
Chest: Well developed forechest. Chest deep and moderately broad. Ribs well arched.
Abdomen : Well tucked up.
Tail: High set, thick, carried over the back, definitely curled or bent like a sickle; when the tail is down, its tip reaches almost to the hocks.

Shoulders: Moderately oblique.
Forearm: Straight, shapely.
MIDDLE: Slightly sloping.
HORNS: Strong, strong enough.
Hocks: Strong, strong enough.
TOES: Well arched and compact; pads hard and flexible; claws hard, black or dark in color.

Gait/Movement : Energetic, fast, light and springy.

HAIR: Coarse and straight coat; undercoat soft and dense.
Hair on tail quite long and protruding.
COLOUR: Sesame (reddish-fawn hair with black tips), brindle, red, black, black-furred, white.

Height at withers: Dogs: 48.5-51.5 cm.
Females: 45.5-48, 5 cm.

FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing shall be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in proportion to its degree and extent.
• Male dogs / Male bitches.
• Slight forward or backward bite.

• Aggression or excessive timidity.
• Extreme forebite or backbite.
• Ears not standing.
• Hanging or short tail.
• Skittishness.
Any dog exhibiting physical or mental abnormalities should be disqualified.

Note: Males should have two normally developed testicles completely lowered into the scrotum.
Blue-black color of the tongue is not a fault.