April 24, 2024

Great success of the online action to help animals!

Since November 2011. The action "We Feed the Dogs" (www.karmimypsiaki.pl), which collects food for dogs from the shelter in Zabrze-Biskupice.

Despite its short duration, the campaign not only gained many supporters – also among celebrities – but above all it translated into tangible benefits for the shelter dogs.

  • – in the action took part more than 50,200 people,
  • – We managed to collect almost 17,000 meals for dogs,
  • – the shelter is receiving the collected food gradually – first 700 kg has already reached Zabrze, another 300 kg is on its way, and of course this is not the end,
  • – the campaign was encouraged by Joanna Krupa, Micha┼é Piróg, Natalia Lesz, Honey or Kasia Tusk,
  • – the action was partnered by the dlaStudenta portal.pl and a wide group of universities and student governments, who printed posters on their own or organized additional initiatives to help the shelter in Zabrze,
  • – we managed to win the main partner of the action – a store The World of Food (www.swiatkarm.pl),
  • – posts about the action appeared on many blogs, websites and internet forums, and were also spread among a huge number of Facebook users,
  • – the www store became a partner of the action.karusek.com.pl,
  • – The number of virtual adoptions at the shelter has increased significantly,
  • – most importantly – 7 dogs (Dziadziu┼Ť, Grysia, Grewis, Larsa, Nora, Tapi and Paja) found new homes.

As the organizers say "The number of positive comments and involvement of internet users exceeded our expectations. Every day we receive e-mails with questions about how we can still help and words of support. We sincerely thank all those who have given their time so far to improve the lot of the dogs."