April 24, 2024

Dog shows of pedigree dogs

Dog show or pedigree dog show in other words „well born” is to present the beauty of dogs in the ring. Dogs compete in their respective breeds for the title of the most beautiful of the breed and then the most beautiful dog of the show.
In the ring, dogs are judged by judges on their exteriors and character.

EXTERIOR – means the external features of a dog’s body which determine the state of its bones and musculature, the proportionality and harmony of its body according to the breed standard.
Dogs are viewed by the judge in movement and static called – show stance.

This is also a place where exhibitors or breeders and lovers of particular breeds can exchange experiences and comments. For visitors, this is an opportunity to learn about the diversity of breeds bred in the country and abroad. Future owners of pedigree dogs can gain information indirectly from people who are passionate about the breed of their choice. Only at the show you can see the most beautiful representatives of their breeds, it is a rare treat and worth spending the morning at the show.

It is at the exhibition that our pets can gain breeding qualifications that determine the attractiveness of a particular kennel.

In fact, at such shows is evaluated „breeding achievements„ Polish or foreign kennels.