June 22, 2024

GORDON SZKOKKI SETER – breed standard

GENERAL DESIGN: A dog with a noble expression, of a galloping conformation, resembling a strong hunting horse – hunter. Harmoniously and proportionately built.

ABILITY AND TEMPERAMENT: Intelligent, intelligent, full of dignity. Bold, sociable, with a friendly and balanced disposition.

HEAD: Deep rather than broad. Distance from occipital tubercle to foot slightly greater than from foot to nostrils. Near the eyes the head should be dry.
Cerebral part of skull: Skull slightly rounded, widest between ears, capacious, slightly longer than muzzle. Occipital bone well marked.
Stop: Clear.
Facial part of the skull:
* Nose: Large, broad, black, with wide open nostrils.
* Muzzle: Long, almost parallel lines, neither pointed nor narrow. The depth of the muzzle should be slightly less than its length.
* Lips: Not too saggy, clearly defined.
* Jaws/dentition: Jaws strong, with a perfect and complete scissor bite t.j. upper incisors should closely overlap the lower incisors. Teeth set square to the jaws.
* Cheeks: Not prominent enough to make the head appear dry.
* EYES: Neither sunken nor too protuberant, set sufficiently deep under the arches of the eyebrows; of lively, intelligent expression. They should be dark brown and shiny.
* Ears: Medium size, with delicate skin. Set low and close to the head.

NECK : Long, dry, with arched upper line, without sagging jowl.

BACK: Of moderate length.
* Loins: Wide and slightly arched.
* Chest: deep but not too wide. Ribs well arched, reaching far back.

Tail: Straight or slightly sabre shaped, not reaching below the ankle. Carried horizontally or below the topline. Thick at the base and gradually tapering towards the end. The hairs of the feather beginning at the base of the tail should be long, straight and shortening towards the tip.

Forelegs: Strong, with flat and straight bones.
* Shoulders: Shoulders long and obliquely set far back, flat and well jointed at the withers. Not desirable too heavy.
* Elbows: Low set under the body.
* Metacarpus: Upright to the ground.
Hocks: From the hip to the hock long, broad and muscular, and from the hock to the foot straight, short and strong. Pelvis nearly horizontal.
* Knee joints: Well angulated.
* Feet: Oval, with well arched, compact toes. Between toes profusely hairy. Bunches well developed, strong.

MOVEMENT: Even, regular, smooth and stepping, with strong action of hind legs.

HAIR: On head, front of limbs and on tips of ears should be short and fine. On the other parts of the body of medium length, flat, not frilly or wavy. Fringes on upper part of ears long and silky, on back of legs long, delicate and straight. The abundant hair on the belly forms a fringe extending to the forechest and the underside of the neck. All fringes should not be wavy or curly.
Colouring: Dull black, shiny, without a trace of rust, with an undertone of the color of a mature chestnut. Black markings along the fingers and under the mandible are acceptable.
* Mottling: two distinct spots over the eyes not exceeding 2 cm (3/4 ins) in diameter; on the sides of the muzzle the mottling forms a border surrounding the muzzle, but not reaching above the base of the nose. Upper throat: Two large, well-defined spots on the chest. The underbite on the inside of the thighs extends to the front of the knees and overlaps the outside of the hind legs from the hock to the toes. On forelegs the underfur reaches to elbows in back and to wrists or slightly higher in front. Paling around anus.
Very small white spots on chest are acceptable. Any other color than those listed above is not acceptable.

HEIGHT: Height at withers: dogs: 66 cm (26 ins), bitches: 62 cm (24.5 ins)
BODY WEIGHT: Dogs: 29.5 kg (65 lbs), bitches: 25.5 kg (56 lbs).
FAULTS: Any deviation from the above standard should be considered a fault and judged according to the degree of deviation.
NOTE: Males must have normally developed two testicles placed completely in the scrotal sac.