July 24, 2024

Pattern of Rough-Haired Foxtail

Handling: terrier
FCI Classification: Group 3 terriers
section 1 large and medium terriers
Work samples optional (left to choose).

Fast and mobile, strong with small dimensions, strong bones. However, it should never be of heavy build and roughly shorn. Its construction is perfectly balanced, especially the equal proportions between the cerebrum and viscerocranium. Similarly the height at the withers and the length of the body measured from the shoulder joint to the sit bump are approximately the same. In posture the foxhound should resemble a hunting horse – hunter, which with its short back stands firmly on its legs, covering a lot of ground with them.

Active, with quick movements, alert, reacting to any provocation. Friendly, bold and sociable.

Skull: Upper line is almost flat, slightly sloping, width decreases gradually towards the eyes.
Footing slight.
Black Nose Truffle.
Muzzle: The length of the cranium and viscerocranium is almost the same. If the muzzle is clearly shorter, the head appears weak, insufficiently shaped. The muzzle gradually narrows from the eyes to the tip of the nasal truffle, a slight stop connects it to the forehead. It is not prominent and does not break sharply under the eyes, because in this place the head should be filled. Full, rounded cheeks are defective.
Dentition: Jaw and mandible strong, accurate, regular scissor bite, i.e. upper incisors cover lower incisors in close contact and are vertically aligned. Strongly developed, accentuated jaw bones and muscles are undesirable in a sealer.
Eyes: dark, full of fire and intelligence, fairly small, deep set, as rounded in shape as possible. They are not too widely spaced, nor located near the ears, high. These are defective. Bright eyes very undesirable.
Ears: Small, of medium thickness, letter-shaped „V”. The auricle is nicely folded and falls forward adjacent to the cheeks. The line of inflection of the ears runs clearly over the top of the skull. Ears: Upright, tulip shaped (when the inside of the ear is exposed), rose petal shaped, folded and directed backwards are faulty.

Neat, muscular, good length, without loose jowls, gradually widens towards the shoulders. A graceful curve, when viewed from the side, completes the whole.

Back short, straight and strong, without any sign of weakness.
Loins muscular, slightly arched, very short.
Chest deep, true (front) ribs moderately arched, false (rear) ribs long, well defined.

It is usually copied.
Tail is cropped: set on high, carried vertically but not over the back. Cannot be curled. Strong enough, quite long.
Uncropped tail: high set, carried vertically but not over the back. Cannot be curled. Sufficiently strong, of such length as to fit the body of the dog.

Forelegs: When viewed from the front, the shoulder blades drop almost vertically from their tip, which is also the junction with the neck. The place, the withers is well defined. When viewed in profile, the shoulder is long, oblique, sloping backwards. Front is not wide. Chest deep. From whichever side we look, limbs are straight, bones are strong along their whole length to paws. Elbows are on the axis of the trunk, moving straight forward without obstruction.
Hind limbs: strong, muscular, cannot be substituted. Short shanks combined with a steep knee joint is highly undesirable.
Thighs long and strong.
Knees well angulated, cannot be turned in or out.
Low ankle joints.
Metatarsals straight and parallel when viewed from behind.
Round, compact paws with small, thick and firm fingertips. The toes are moderately arched. Paws do not point inwards or outwards.

Front and hind limbs move parallel and straight forward. Ribs are not a hindrance to the movement of the elbows, which run along the axis of the body (seen from the front). Knees not pointing outwards or inwards. Vigorous stride of hind limbs.

HAIR: Coarse, very rough. On the shoulder blades should be 2 cm long. On the withers, back, chest and top of hind legs – 4 cm. The undercoat is shorter and softer. The hair is rougher on the back and the rump than on the sides. The beard and whiskers are covered with curly hair, so long that the muzzle seems strong. Hair on limbs is thick and curly.
COLOUR: Dominantly white with black, black toothed and reddish patches. Striped, red, liver or blue slate patches are not desired.

Height: the height at the withers does not exceed 39 cm for males, females are slightly smaller.
Weight: the ideal weight for a male in good show condition is 8.25 kg. Bitches are lighter.

Any deviation from the above pattern should be considered a fault and
Judged according to their degree and their effect on the health and well being of the dog.
Dogs with marked physical or mental abnormalities should be disqualified.

Males must have normally developed two testicles placed in the scrotum.