May 28, 2024

Wolfhound puppies

Pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound.
This year we plan a litter of our ISHTAR from Peronowka. The father is EURY from Peronowka.
Both dogs are tested for hip and elbow dysplasia, both have HD A and ED 0/0, that is perfectly clean, healthy. Both passed the bonitration getting high scores. Eury is fully MD free, he is N/N, Ish is N/? , so none of the puppies will ever get DM (Myelopathie Degenerative PCR).
Both of them are appreciated on many Polish and foreign dog shows.

Titles obtained by Eurego:
2 x Club Winner, 1 x Junior Club Winner, 1 x World Junior Winner, 2 x BIS 3. (Puppies), 1 x National Breeds BIS 1., 11 x BOB, 18 x Best Male, 3 x Best Puppy, 4 x Best Junior, 9 x CACIB, 8 x res. CACIB, 22 x CWC, 15 x CAC, 1 x res. CAC, 7 x Youth Winner, 1 x National Winner, 1 x Youth National Winner, J.Ch.PL, J.Ch.CZ, Ch.PL, Ch.LT, Ch.SK

Titles gained by Ishtar:
1 x Club Winner, 1 x Junior Club Winner, 1 x BIS National Breeds 1., 1 x BOG 2., 1 x BOG 3., 9 x BOB, 11 x Best Female, 2 x Best Puppy, 7 x Best Junior, 8 x CACIB, 7 x res. CACIB, 10 x CWC, 16 x CAC, 1 x VDH-ChA, 4 x res. CAC, 10 x Youth Winner, 2 x National Winner, J.Ch.PL, J.Ch.LT, J.Ch.SK, Ch.PL, Ch.SK, Middle and Eastern European Junior Winner, Poland Junior Winner, Berlin-Sieger 2009, Ví?az Stredo-východoeurópskej výstavy
(you can learn more about her on our page-> here!

Ishtar: ZVP1
Eury: PT, TPM-o

We hope and believe that the puppies from this association will do well in the show rings as well as in the training yard.
Puppies raised in the company of children, with a strong emphasis on socialization.

For questions and reservations, please contact me at [email protected] , or at phone number :+48 602151557.

Remember wolfdogs are a difficult breed, requiring a lot of attention, dedication, consistency and clear boundaries. But properly trained, are the most wonderful in the world. Then there is no better guardian and friend. From our side we offer all the help, attention and support in raising, our desire is to have the best possible contact with the new owners, "parents" our little ones.