June 22, 2024

National Conference on Behaviorism

Aggressive behaviour, over-reactivity or hyperactivity in dogs are problems that veterinarians, dog behaviourists, zoopsychologists and owners are increasingly having to deal with. How to correctly diagnose the cause of behavioral disorders and how to choose the right therapy?

These questions will be answered by the speakers at the III National Conference on Animal Behaviorism „Effective diagnostic models and therapy for aggressive and reactive behaviors in dogs". The event will take place in Warsaw on 12.05.2018 r.

During the Conference we will discuss by way of example:

  • How to identify somatic and behavioural problems from the communication of dogs?
  • How to assess with diagnostic tools the risk posed by the dog?
  • Which behavioural techniques to use with the aggressive dog depending on the source of the problem?
  • When to support the therapy with pharmaceuticals and when natural methods of working with dog will be enough?
  • What behavioral techniques will work best in working with overly agitated dogs?
  • How diet can affect the behaviour of reactive and aggressive dogs?
  • How to choose the right supplementation and herbal treatment to achieve the best results?

During the conference their knowledge and practice will be shared by: Paulina Ziółkowska, a physician. wet. Jolanta Łapińska, PhD. Iwona Rozempolska – Rucińska, MD. wet. Martyna Woszczyło, Piotr Wojtków and Katarzyna Biskup.