June 22, 2024

Mondioring – dog sports

The dog walks at the handler's leg without a rope. The length and route of the walk are determined differently for each exam. The dog is laid down and must lie down for 1. one minute while being distracted. At the same time the handler moves away and hides in a hiding place. In the exam area, the pieces of meat are spread out. Two pieces are thrown directly in front of the dog's mouth. It can neither lick nor eat them. The dog must fetch an object of its own, which must be no heavier than 1 kg . The dog is sent forward by the handler over a distance of more than 30 m . The dog obeys commands "Sitz" ("sit"), "Platz" ("walk") i "Steh" ("stand") from a distance of 15 m . Before the exam, the handler receives a small piece of wood. Then he puts it in the agreed place and the judge adds 4 more pieces. The dog must recognize and bring the handler's object.

High jump: back and forth over the obstacle max. 1.20 m Distance jump over the obstacle max. 4 m Wall max. 2,30 m

Working with the poser
Frontal attack over an obstacle. The dog is sent to the poser through an obstacle of high. max. 80 cm Attack from movement with two gunshots. When shooting a dog cannot change his grip. Frontal attack with an object. As objects serve m. in. tree branches, bottles, water, tape, etc. Attack from movement with cancellation. The dog is recalled in the chase phase as close to the poser as possible. Searching after the poser and transport. The poser hides somewhere in the exam area. The dog must independently search, find, bark and stay with the poser. Defending the handler. A small game is played. The dog stays interested in the second poser. The dog should defend the handler only on the visible attack of the helper. Keeping an eye on the object. The dog defends any object. The examination area is each time arranged differently. You must prepare your dog and handler for more and more challenges.