April 24, 2024

Breeding privileges

When starting a kennel, one should file an application with the name of the kennel in the Kennel Club branch and obtain a breeding license for the bitch.
The owner of a sire is not obliged to start a kennel but he also has to obtain breeding permissions.

Dog shows are the place where dogs and bitches get their breeding privileges
Obtaining breeding authorization will cause that we can start a kennel or take pride in having a sire.

Breeding bitch – in the pedigree should have an entry of the Head of the Section confirmed by a stamp and a date of the Division of the Kennel Club of which the owner is a member.
To get such an annotation in the pedigree of the bitch;
– should be at least 15 months old, get three excellent or at least very good notes from two different judges, one of the show must be international or club show .

Reproducer – the dog should also have an entry in the pedigree „sire” analogically to the entry for the breeding bitch.
To get such an entry in the pedigree the dog should :
– be over 18 months old and get three excellent grades (after 15 months) on dog shows and one of these should be club or international.

Some breeds require psychological testing in addition (most French breeds), health testing such as. hip x-rays or field trials in the case of GSPs.