Animals That Start With the Letter U | Names & Pictures

Animals That Start With U has many variations and they are spread in all over the world. Which one that you have been meeting with one of the Animals That Start With U list below? There are many animals that start with U letter start from the smallest bird into big sized antelope.  

Some of these animals are endangered and some others are stable population and even they become stars of this list such as umbrella bird that popular because it has a beautiful song every spring to start the season.

Here are some other Animals That Start With U that you can add into your knowledge and share to your children.

1. Uakari

Uakari is the small size of monkey. This is a type of monkey that native to the tropical rainforest in South America.  This monkey is tending found in the jungle that moist and close to the water source. The Uakari is well known with the naked face that has common ranges colors from the pink into the red deep.

There are 4 distinct species of Uakari that are bald (red) Uakari, Neblina Uakari, Black-headed Uakari, and Ayres black Uakari. Each of these Uakari types is very similar in their appearance and differences can found in the location and their fur color.

A Uakari can weigh around 3 kg and the average growing in 45 cm length. It has a very short tail compared with other monkey species from South America. Uakari lives in a group that contains member 10-30 monkeys.

2. Umbrella Bird

The umbrellabird is known with their unique appearance, the umbrella-shaped like the crest and the pendant suspended from the throat that is the inflatable wattle. When display, the male umbrella bird will spread the crest that will cover all his head and make a rumbling sound in same time.

There are 3 different species of umbrella birds that are Amazonian umbrella bird, long wattle umbrella bird and the last is bare necked umbrella bird. The Umbrellabird is able to found in the sub-tropical belt of South America and central. They spend their lives hopping between the branches in a high up of the tree canopy.

These three subspecies are known with their characterized identification. Bare-necked umbrellabird is known from the reddish and featherless patch skin in their throat. The long wattle umbrella bird has long wattle in their throat that can grow up to 35 cm length and the Amazonian umbrellabird tend to colored black in entirely where the males tending to be as largest from all three species.

3. Ugandan Kob

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Ugandan Kob is sub-species of Kob, the antelope that can be found in sub-Saharan Africa, such as Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Congo. It has differed color from other kob sub-species with a reddish-brown color. The life-span is about 17 years. The habitat is in moist savannah, in adjacent woodlands, and in floodplains.  

The Ugandan kob is the medium size of antelope that characterized with medium length horns, medium brown coat, and their large ears. The Ugandan kob males are marking their territory boundaries with whistling. Kobs become an important food source for larger predictor such as lions, cheetahs, African wild dogs, and other large predators.

4. Uinta Chipmunk

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Uinta Chipmunk is also known as hidden forest chipmunk. This medium size chipmunk is an endemic animal of the United States. This is a medium sized chipmunk with the adult can range into 20-24 cm length include the 7-11 cm tail and the weighing are average at 67 g.

The Uinta Chipmunk is habitat in subalpine forests in the western United States and in a mountain in the elevation of 1400-3650 meters. The maximum life expectancy is about 2 years and in winter, they spend much of their time to dens.

In winter, there are about 27,5% Uinta Chipmunk that can survive. This animals that sart with U is solitary but aggressive to other members of their species due to defend their territory.  

5. Ulysses Butterfly

Ulysses Butterfly is a unique species of butterfly that native to tropical north of Queensland. This butterfly is considered as one of the most elusive butterflies and hard to take the photographs. This Ulysses Butterfly is able to found in rainforests areas in Papua New Guinea, Northern Island of Australia and mostly in Northern Queensland.

They live in the rainforest canopy. Ulysses Butterfly wingspan is about 100-130 mm. because Ulysses Butterfly has bright color, they tend to easy spotted by their predators so they will fly erratically and so fast top avoid the predators. It has a common name as mountain blue butterfly.

6. Ural Field Mouse

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Ural Field Mouse is the rodent species and also called with a pygmy field mouse. This animal is can be found in China, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Armenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Estonia, Mongolia, Hungary, Belarus, Austria, Azerbaijan, Romania, Poland, Georgia, Serbia, Slovakia, Russia Federation, and Bulgaria.

7. Utah Prairie Dog

Such as their name, Utah Prairie Dog is only found in Utah. Utah Prairie Dog is the smallest and westernmost range in any prairie dog species. This dog sleeps through the coldest months in the winter season.

When this dog emerges in spring, this dog will need to work fast to pass their genes as the female dog of Utah Prairie Dog is only interested in mating for one day out in each year after the hibernations. Utah used included an endangered species, but with the conservation, this animal not any longer endangered.

8. Uinta Ground Squirrel

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Uinta Ground Squirrel is the rodent species that native to western of United States. Uinta Ground Squirrel is measured about the 28-30cm length and their weight can reach 210g after they hibernated. Uinta Ground Squirrel is only active for few months each year. When the squirrel is active, they become diurnal.  

The Uinta Ground Squirrel is life in colonies and their adults are react aggressively to other in the breeding season and the females become intolerant more than the males. The Uinta Ground Squirrel has 6 distinct vocalization, squeals, chirps, trills, teeth clattering, growls, and squawks.  In the wild, this squirrel is able to live up to 7 years. 

9. Upupa

Upupa is the Latin and ancient Greek call for the bird hoopoe. Upupa is the colorful birds that can be found in across of Afro-Eurasia and this bird has notable because they have distinctive feather like a crown. There are 3 extant species of Upupa, Upupa epops, pipa Africana, and pupa marginata.

Upupa is spread into sub-Saharan African and Madagascar (Upupa marginata), northern sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Asia, Lesotho, Congo, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania etc. The bird has 2 basic needs for their habitat, there is bare or lightly vegetated ground that allows them for forage and the vertical surfaces that have cavities such as cliffs, trees and so on that need for nesting.

These basic needs are available in wide range ecosystem and this makes upupa able to inhabit in wide range areas such as wooden steppes, savannah, forest glades, heathland, and grassland.

10. Uguisu

Uguisu is also known as Japanese bush warbler. This bird is popular because it’s beautiful sings. This bird is able to found in Japan, Taiwan, China and the few regions in the East. Uigusu tail is relatively long with the straight feathers.

Uigusu has thin legs and toes with long claws that help them to stick to branches easier. The life period of uigusu is around 2-5 years. The habitat is in lowland and in mountain forests. Uigusu is a solitary bird and will gather when breeding season comes.

In winter month, the bird is pretty quiet, but when the early spring comes, they start to sing for attracts their bird mate.

11. Urial

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Urial is the sub-species of wild sheep that also known as shapo or arkar. The habitat of Urial is from Northwest India, Ladakh to southwest Russia, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. These sheep move to rocky areas into the mountains and the habitats are consists of the grassy slopes under the timberline.

Urial is common to find in arid country that relatively located in low altitudes although there is less population that found in 4000 meters above the sea level in Ladakh region. Urial is considered as a vulnerable animal to extinction and most of their subspecies are endangered.

12. Urraca

Urraca bird is the Eurasian Magpie bird and this bird named as Urraca bird for the alphabetical order and for the Spanish language. Magpie is including a member of Crow family. Magpie is familiar bird t recognize with their distinctive plumage in black and white.

The black feathers have a metallic sheen and the bluish purple color in along of body and splash of green in their tail. In Europe, Magpie is mostly occurring in lowland or lightly wooded country. Magpies birds prefer to stay in areas where it allows the opportunity for foraging in the ground, nesting, roosting and also finding cover. 

The bird is very social and this bird often was seen nearly closes to human and even appears quite courageous.  The Urraca is solitary bird nester. The magpie is range from Europe, excluding Iceland and western part of North Africa.

13. Urubu

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Urubu is also known as American black vulture. The bird distribution is in the Eastern United States through Mexico, Chile, central Argentina, South America, and Central America. The bird has a large measurement, with 56-75 cm length and the weight is range from 1.6kg to 3kg.  There is no nest that builds by this bird.

Their eggs will be laid in a cave, hidden in rock piles, below tangles vegetation densely, in the hollow log and in hollow beyond the large tree. This bird is common to see in lowland and place with mid-elevation and less appearance in higher elevation. It refers to the areas with open land interspersed areas that contain with wood and shrub.  It is rarely seen in the mountain.

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