What Are Some Animals That Have 3 Letters in Their Name?

3 Letter Animals – People can make several animals which have three letters in English. Most of them are pretty familiar for many people so it will not be that difficult to describe the animal with the three letters. 

How many animals that have three letters in its English name? It must be easy to collect the names but it will be so much better to know more about them.

  • Cat
  • Ant
  • Bat
  • Cow
  • Fly
  • Bee
  • Ape
  • Fox
  • Dog
  • Owl

1. Cat


It is sure that people will refer to the domestic cat when they are talking about the cat. It will distinguish this animal from the other felines and felids. The cat is a mammal with small size. It is furry and has carnivorous characteristics.

Like other felids, cats have the physical characteristics of the strong and flexible body. It can show a quick reflex as well. The teeth are sharp while the claws are retractable so it can use them for killing the small prey.

2. Ant


The ant is part of the Formicidae family. It is considered as a eusocial insect. The ant actually is related to the bees and the wasps since they are members of the Hymenoptera order. The colonies of ant are formed in various sizes.

A colony of ants can consist of the millions member. The large colonies will have the females that are sterile and wingless, the soldiers, and the other groups that have a specific function.

3. Bat


The bat is flying but it is a mammal. This is an important fact which people must know. It is part of the Chiroptera order. The forelimbs are adapted into the wings. That is why the bats are the only mammals that can perform the true flight which can be sustained. Compared to the birds, the bats actually can make more maneuvers with its specific wings.

Many people are scared of bats but actually, this animal can give various benefits to humans. The guano which is the bat dung can be used as a great fertilizer. The bats eat insect pests so there is no need to use too much amount of pesticide to the crops.

4. Cow


The cow is used colloquially for calling the cattle. The cow can refer to the female Bos taurus after all. The cow is raised as the livestock because people want to get its meat, milk, as well as for the hides.

The leather is commonly made from the cow hides. Besides as livestock, the cow can also be used as the draft or riding animals. The cow dung can be used for making the fuel or the manure. The cow has an important religious meaning for Hindu people.

5. Fly


People will not feel strange with the fly although they surely will not feel comfortable with it. It is considered as part of the insects. It has a pair of wings which are functional for the flight. Those wings are supported with a pair of halters which is used for the balance.

It is a member of the Diptera order. Although the word fly can also be found in other insects which are not included in the order, there are some characteristics of the true fly. The head is mobile and it has a pair of compound eyes with a larger size. The mouth is made for piercing or lapping and sucking.

6. Bee


People might ask about the difference between the bee and the Wasp. One thing for sure, the wasp is the ancestor of the bees. The ancestor wasp is the predator of other insects while the bee consumes pollen.

This flying insect is known for its pollination function. It is also well-known for its ability for producing the honey and the beeswax although not all of the bees can do this. Some species of the bees are living in the colonies.

The pollen and nectar is the main food for the bees. The most pollen is used for feeding the larvae. The pollen is the source of protein as well as other nutrients while the nectar is the source of the energy for the bees.

7. Ape


The ape and the primate are different because the ape as the wider motion freedom degree of the shoulder joint. It is part of the superfamily called Hominoidea. There are two branches which are included in this superfamily including the lesser apes or gibbons as well as the great apes or the hominoids.

The hominoids are great tree climbers except for the gorillas as well as humans. The non-human hominoids are mostly considered as the rare or even endangered animals.

8. Fox

three letter animals

The foxes are the member of the Canidae family. This mammal has small to medium size. It has omnivorous eating behavior after all. Its skull is flattened while the upright ears have a triangular shape.

The snout is pointed and slightly upturned. The tail is long and busy so it is called a brush often. The true foxes are part of the Vulpes genus and there are twelve species of them. People can find foxed in every continent but Antarctica.

The common fox which is spread widely is the red fox which has Vulpes vulpes scientific name. This animal has a cunning reputation according to the folklore and pop culture around the world.

9. Dog

The domestic dog which is kept by many people today is part of the Canis genus. It is considered as the canids which look like the wolf. The dog with Canis lupus familiaris scientific name is considered a wolf subspecies. However, it can be part of a distinct species when it has Canis familiaris scientific name.

The dog surely has a long association with humans. That is why the dog is attuned to the behavior of the human being. This might be the reason why it can hold the diet which is rich in starch unlike other species of canid.

10. Owl

3 letter animals -ant

The owl is part of the Strigiformes order. This bird has so many species but most of them live in a solitary life. It is a type of the nocturnal bird after all. It can be seen from the physical characteristic including the sharp talons, binocular vision, the head which is broad and large, binaural hearing, and the upright stance.

The diet for this bird includes the other birds, insects, and small mammals. Some species hunt fish. People can find the owl everywhere except some islands in the remote area and the ice caps of the polar.

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